Saturday, 6 October 2012

The command cards have arrived!

Postman brought me a wonderful present this morning, a full set of Command and Chance cards for the C&C/ECW variant rules, nicely designed, printed and even laminated by Tony. I'm really pleased with them and can't wait to use them in a game. As you can see I have also completed  a second artillery base.

So, the plan for the coming week is this:

Paint and base 2 more Infantry bases and 1 more horse base. This will then give me then 10 bases per side with which to run a test game on the rules. I'll probably layout the terrain over next weekend then do a move by move description of the run through with photos for the blog. It will be a simple affair, probably a fight to control a bridge or such like. Main aim will be to thoroughly test the way the new rules work. I'd like to produce a Commands and Colours style playsheet for the ECW variant, similar to this one, which is the official Napoleonic Spanish Expansion playsheet. I find it so well designed its possible to play the whole game straight off the sheet after a few games.

Again a big Thank You to Tony, who not only introduced me to Commands and Colours in the first place, but has given me so much help and encouragement as I've got to grips with the rules. Cheers my friend.

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  1. Increasingly interesting wargame topic :-)

    Completed my 28mm ECW armies and 10mm WWI French I' ll order some ECW Baccus...