Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newcastle's Regt and progress so far.

I have now completed another base of foot, this time Newcastle's Regt. the famous 'Lambs'. I must admit to having a special admiration for this unit not only for their remarkably courageous stand at Marston Moor, but also because I recall a couple of tremendously hard pike pushes with them during my Sealed Knot days. I had the misfortune to encounter them during my very first SK weekend as a raw pikeman in the London Trained Bands ('Blew'), and the conflicting chants of "London and Liberty" and "For Newcastle" gave the push a real edge of competitiveness. Suffice to say I ended the weekend very badly bruised, my steel helmet bearing a large dent and barely able to swallow for a couple of days! I understand the Knot have since toned things down somewhat, with many units now adopting the 'point of pike' method, but I have to say there was nothing like a good old 'push' to get the adrenalin pumping!

The count now stands at:

5 horse bases
7 Foot bases.
1 Dragoon (dismounted) base
1 commanded muskets base
1 artillery base
3 command bases.

I'm starting another artillery base to be followed by another foot unit then more horse. I reckon I'm close to having a game now, just a skirmish to see how the C&C ECW rules play. I'm looking forward to it.

I have now moved my painting gear upstairs into my little wargame room where the natural light is better. My Command & Colours board is just 4 x 3 and stands against the wall when not in use. Its nice to have a dedicated space to paint and to game. Its not a large room, being 9 x 7 - our spare 4th bedroom in fact - but with a simple white coat of paint and some 'blue' lighting it really is a comfortable place to work.


  1. Really nice units. As usual I' m tempted to paint a 6mm ECW army...;-)