Monday, 8 October 2012

The big push!

I have set myself a painting target this week of 4 bases of figures for the ECW project, and I'm actually going to try for 5! Started yesterday (Sunday) with Hampdens Regt (32 figures), now based and ready for texturing, Charles Gerards blue-coats (32) this morning (Monday), now based and drying. Next is a base of Royalist horse of 18 figures (Tuesday), then 18 Cuirassiers (Haselrigs), planned for Wednesday. Then if I can, I'll finish the week with a base of dismounted dragoons!

To paint and glue down a base of 32 Foot takes a round 1.5 hours, which is pretty good going, and that's working fast but accurately. Flags are quickly copied and re-sized for printing from this site:
Free Flags!  The base labels are printed from my template and glued along the back edge.

If I hit my target this week this should give me enough bases for the planned test game, of which more shortly.

Right then time to crack on.


  1. Good luck with your painting target Lee. Another great blog by the way.

    1. Thank you Simon, I think I'm almost there!