Thursday, 25 October 2012


Here are a few images from the early stages of the test game I played through a couple of weeks ago using the C&C/ECW variant rules. I must admit I have not yet had time to write a follow up piece describing how the game went and my thoughts on the rules, but I hope to get that sorted shortly. These pics show how my hex grid and terrain are used. I couldn't help feeling that I'd prefer a more natural flowing terrain board for this period, I'm not quite sure why that should be though. Certainly I'm giving a lot of thought at the moment as to which direction to go regarding terrain.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

4 days painting progress.

Not bad going so far, 4 bases completed and just the Dragoons to finish off, the nags in fact. I decided to base the 'Lobsters' 3 deep. I tried not to make them as 'showy' as the previous cuirassiers representing the Troop of Gentlemen Pensioners, but still gave them a very light drybrush to pick out the armour. I doubt I'll be painting any more of these now. I managed to paint a tiny anchor on the green cornet to represent Sir Arthur Hesilrige's own troop. Hesilrige himself wore 3/4 armour in the field as we know from the account given by Richard Atkins who engaged him in close combat and discharged his pistol almost touching the heavy cuirassier headpiece, but failed to penetrate it.

The portrait below shows Haselrige in 1640 (unknown artist) and depicts him in high quality heavy armour, possibly that later worn in action during the Civil War?

Right then, need to finish those Dragoons now and get them based up. Then I'll get the table laid up for the test game, possibly over the weekend. Next week I have a couple of commission jobs to paint, but I'm sure I'll still get to add another base or two for myself. Note: those white edges to the foot flags will be painted in, such things tend to irritate me and must be corrected!

Monday, 8 October 2012

The big push!

I have set myself a painting target this week of 4 bases of figures for the ECW project, and I'm actually going to try for 5! Started yesterday (Sunday) with Hampdens Regt (32 figures), now based and ready for texturing, Charles Gerards blue-coats (32) this morning (Monday), now based and drying. Next is a base of Royalist horse of 18 figures (Tuesday), then 18 Cuirassiers (Haselrigs), planned for Wednesday. Then if I can, I'll finish the week with a base of dismounted dragoons!

To paint and glue down a base of 32 Foot takes a round 1.5 hours, which is pretty good going, and that's working fast but accurately. Flags are quickly copied and re-sized for printing from this site:
Free Flags!  The base labels are printed from my template and glued along the back edge.

If I hit my target this week this should give me enough bases for the planned test game, of which more shortly.

Right then time to crack on.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The command cards have arrived!

Postman brought me a wonderful present this morning, a full set of Command and Chance cards for the C&C/ECW variant rules, nicely designed, printed and even laminated by Tony. I'm really pleased with them and can't wait to use them in a game. As you can see I have also completed  a second artillery base.

So, the plan for the coming week is this:

Paint and base 2 more Infantry bases and 1 more horse base. This will then give me then 10 bases per side with which to run a test game on the rules. I'll probably layout the terrain over next weekend then do a move by move description of the run through with photos for the blog. It will be a simple affair, probably a fight to control a bridge or such like. Main aim will be to thoroughly test the way the new rules work. I'd like to produce a Commands and Colours style playsheet for the ECW variant, similar to this one, which is the official Napoleonic Spanish Expansion playsheet. I find it so well designed its possible to play the whole game straight off the sheet after a few games.

Again a big Thank You to Tony, who not only introduced me to Commands and Colours in the first place, but has given me so much help and encouragement as I've got to grips with the rules. Cheers my friend.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newcastle's Regt and progress so far.

I have now completed another base of foot, this time Newcastle's Regt. the famous 'Lambs'. I must admit to having a special admiration for this unit not only for their remarkably courageous stand at Marston Moor, but also because I recall a couple of tremendously hard pike pushes with them during my Sealed Knot days. I had the misfortune to encounter them during my very first SK weekend as a raw pikeman in the London Trained Bands ('Blew'), and the conflicting chants of "London and Liberty" and "For Newcastle" gave the push a real edge of competitiveness. Suffice to say I ended the weekend very badly bruised, my steel helmet bearing a large dent and barely able to swallow for a couple of days! I understand the Knot have since toned things down somewhat, with many units now adopting the 'point of pike' method, but I have to say there was nothing like a good old 'push' to get the adrenalin pumping!

The count now stands at:

5 horse bases
7 Foot bases.
1 Dragoon (dismounted) base
1 commanded muskets base
1 artillery base
3 command bases.

I'm starting another artillery base to be followed by another foot unit then more horse. I reckon I'm close to having a game now, just a skirmish to see how the C&C ECW rules play. I'm looking forward to it.

I have now moved my painting gear upstairs into my little wargame room where the natural light is better. My Command & Colours board is just 4 x 3 and stands against the wall when not in use. Its nice to have a dedicated space to paint and to game. Its not a large room, being 9 x 7 - our spare 4th bedroom in fact - but with a simple white coat of paint and some 'blue' lighting it really is a comfortable place to work.