Monday, 3 September 2012

Kings Lifeguard and new field hexes.

Just completed another Foot Regiment, decided to make them the Kings Lifeguard, a 5 'block' Veteran unit, should be a hard fighting unit on the field of battle. I also made up some new field hexes, the first of many I have planned including ploughed and crop fields. As I use a grid of 95mm hexes I wanted to be able to place some fields that were not hexagonal, so I'm quite happy with the finished result. My 60 x 60mm bases fit inside the fields, so will provide some soft cover for my planned Dragoons.

I'm just finishing off a few generals and the first artillery base, then for the rest of this week I'll be focused on finishing off a unit of 20mm ECW horse for a friend. After that I'll be back to more 6mm ECW stuff as this blog will now be my main focus over the Napoleonic blog.

The Commands & Colors ECW variant rules are almost completed thanks to a lot of work by 'Foy' and they look very workable. Both the Command Cards and 'Hazzard a Chaunce' cards are ready too. I hope to post a link here shortly for perusal and feedback.

I took a few pics of my units so far placed on the table (which was set up for a Napoleonic game at the time) as the lighting is better up there. The pictures give an idea of how I use the 95mm hexagonal MDF bases for my wood/forest/field bases etc.


  1. Those terrain hexes look great. I was originally thinking of rectangular bases for my towns and fields and individual trees but you're making me change my mind! Plus a Yorkshire ECW campaign in addition to Naps is starting to stir. Stop it.

  2. Nice Lee, very nice. Your hexes are 9.5cm as are the recent wooden 2mm thick hexes right. Or are the 2mm a little smaller.

  3. Thanks chaps :-)

    Rob, I'm gradually getting used to hexes myself, but the more I play C&C the more I come to realise the advantages of the hex grid. Mentally I still think in terms of 'normal' terrain, but the grid makes everything so clear, from movement to ranges to command radius etc, and there is no doubt about when a unit enters woods, crosses a stream, occupies a village etc.

    Declan, the mdf hexes are a perfect 95mm face to face, however, my board hex 'dots' are not to perfect! I used a single hex template to work laboriously across the mat,and to be honest I'm surprised it ended up as good as it did! But when fitting the mat into the table 'frame' I did stretch the mat as tight as I could which obviously distorted slightly the hex pattern. Not that it shows at all, but some are not dead accurate 95mm. All in all though its not a problem.