Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Gentlemen Pensioners.

Had a productive couple of days and managed to paint another Foot Regiment - Hutchinson's Greycoats - and also this little stand representing the Kings Gentlemen Pensioners, a troop sized base of Cuirassiers which is also a sort of fighting command base! Now having researched this little unit I realise that there is no conclusive evidence either way as to if they fought in 3/4 armour or as conventional 'horse'. My feeling has always been that given the fact that this ancient body was formed from the sons of some of the wealthiest families in the land they would have had access to the best quality armour available, and if so, then they would surely have worn it in battle? On the other hand these guys would also have been Gentlemen of high fashion so it is possible they adorned themselves in more impressive clothing and wanted to show off a bit! But my unit wears 3/4 armour, nice and shiny, highly polished. I have plans to convert those swords into the more correct pole axes by adding a tiny cross piece from card. The flag is also currently incorrect and will be replaced. They are shown here with the Royal Standard, but the actual flag probably carried at Edgehill should look like the illustration below. The troop are drawn up 3 deep, that's possibly the King himself at their side as a messenger races up, holding onto his hat. As usual beautiful little figures from Baccus.

The correct Pensioners flag as drawn in 1639 - surely that carried at Edgehill?
Other news!
Having had a read through the Polemos ECW preview on the Baccus site I have changed my mind about the way I base my horse units. I'm going to use the 2 deep bases for Royalist horse (with the above exception) and a 3 deep basing for Parliamentarian horse. 18 figures per base still. For some time Tony and I have been troubled by the terminology of our horse units, and I dislike having 'trot' or 'gallop' on the rear of my bases! So I'm going to 'borrow' the more correct terminology of 'Dutch tactics' and 'Swedish tactics' from Polemos and amend accordingly. I should add that I plan to order a set of the Polemos rules anyway now, they actually look mighty good and my bases should work for both sets of rules.

Next up is a unit of 'musket heavy' foot, actually a base of 'commanded musketeers' in order to mix things up a bit for my forthcoming playtest. I'll have some fun with this unit too in the painting and basing style as it could represent musketeers drawn off from more than a single unit.

Over on my Napoleonic blog I added pictures of some additional fields I made up, these are really for this ECW project, I want to create a more 'Kentish' landscape for my future imaginary campaign. New buidlings from Time Cast will follow in due course.

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