Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another Horse base completed.

I'm not too far away from at least being able to run through a few combat turns etc to get a feel for how the rules will work. The total now is:

4 bases of Horse.
5 bases of Foot.
1 artillery base.
3 command bases.

This week I hope to add a couple more foot bases and a base of dismounted dragoons.

This unit is marked as a 3 'block' base of Rash Veteran Gallopers! They would most typically represent a unit of horse possibly recruited among the Kings wealthier supporters, sons of Gentlemen etc, good riders and with a rather high opinion of themselves, confident and possibly trained under Rupert and Maurice in the latest tactics. They are marked as 'Rash' to represent the fact that in the heat of battle they could become rather difficult to control, especially following a spirited charge and successful melee. The rules make special provision for such troops. I just need to dry brush the brown patches on the bases.

Already undercoated is a base of dismounted dragoons, 12 horses with 4 holders, and 16 dragoons loading and firing. Wonderful tiny figures as usual as my close up hopefully shows, bearing in mind they are much enlarged in the pic!

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