Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Regiment of Foot #1.

Here is the first painted unit of the new project, a Regiment of Foot from the Kings Oxford Army of 1643 -1644. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to present my units, and spent some time trying different positions on the base before settling on this. As I planned to use the 60 x60mm laser cut bases from Baccus I wanted to try to break away from the traditional 2 ranks deep presentation used by most ECW wargamers, in order to better use the depth of the base. So here we see the pike block has halted as the two wings of musketeers march forward to 'give fire'. I like the accurate poses of the Baccus figures, and 'Foy' please note the standard bearer pose, pole held one handed, other hand on hip in suitably period macho style! I removed the 2 drummers from the command strip and placed one each behind the musket blocks. I'm very impressed with the way the cut of the period clothing has been accurately captured too, you can clearly see the cut of the officers doublet. The only very slight downside if I can call it that was the need to trim up the musket barrels slightly, but its a minor niggle to be honest and takes a couple of minutes only. I understand that Peter may re design the EWC range next year (?), but I'm perfectly happy using these for my project.

Painting time was faster than the Napoleonic bases of course, around 2 hours total, maybe 2.5 hours including basing and finishing which is pretty good going and should see me able to turn out around 3 to 4 bases per week. I used the Citadel 'Methesdon Red' straight over the black undercoat as it covers brilliantly well in a single coat and leaves a nice muted shade of red. One thing I have learned about painting 6mm figures is that it often pays to go a shade lighter generally, so my belts etc are slightly brighter in order to stand out better. Standing back and looking at the overall look of the first base I'm happy. Base number 2 is already undercoated and will be a blue coat regiment.

Flag colours did not always match the coat colours of course, but I used a nice red flag from the 'Warflag' site, quickly and easily pasted into Word for resizing! I left a larger black area on the rear of the base as I had planned to paint the Regimental name on the base as well as the number of C&C 'blocks' represented etc.

Here's a few pics, any comments welcome especially on the placing of the figures on the base, does it work do you think?


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  2. Hi Sean,

    I'm just setting things up here! Have now added the 'follow' gadget in the sidebar.


  3. Lovely units. I was initially curious about the placement of the figures until I actually your notes. Very interesting, eye-catching and makes alot of sense. Looking forward to seeing more.


  4. Cheers Matt,

    I wanted to do something a little bit different, so I hope it works! Regiment #2 are based and just waiting for the glue to dry before finishing.

    Thanks for following :-)