Saturday, 11 August 2012


Well, it's been a really productive weeks painting, 3 foot bases and the first base of horse. The Baccus horse are just brilliant little figures, accurate and well detailed, the mounts themselves are sufficiently chunky to be able to nicely highlight the rumps and pick out the heads around the bridle. I'll probably stick with this colour scheme of blackened armour and heavy buff coat with buff cross belts, using a little extra splash colour on the trumpeter and standard bearer. Overall I'm very pleased with the look of this first base, it just looks the part somehow.

The marking on the rear tells us the base is 4 'blocks strong (in C&C speak), Trained Gallopers.

Going to take a short break now to paint a few more Napoleonics for the main blog, but then return to more ECW.


  1. The horse look excellent Lee! With your consistently good results, would you consider doing a tutorial? More insight on how you get such good results would be of great interest. Even a short verbal description would be welcome.

  2. Hello Ron, thank you for your comments. I do already have step by step guide to how I paint and base 6mm figures on my main Napoleonic blog (Napoleonic Therapy Project) but I will do another here for ECW figures when I paint the next unit in the next few days.