Friday, 17 August 2012

Rawdons Regiment of Foot.

This is the latest painted base - Sir Marmaduke Rawdons Yellowcoats. As part of the development of this project I have made the decision to base my units upon those of the Sealed Knot, and to follow the same organisation. This is probably partly nostalgia as I spent some very happy weekends wielding a pike for Parliament many years ago, and I retain the greatest of respect for all those members of the Knot who commit so much time and energy to bringing this fascinating period of our history back to life. I hope it will give my project a nice edge in seeing those familiar unit names recreated on my wargame table. It also means I can post a link to most units as I complete them, where the history and war service of the unit can be read.

You can also see the first of my new labels stuck to the rear of the bases, neatly marked with the units type (Command & Colors style), name and quality. In Rawdons case '4' designates a medium sized unit of 4 blocks which are classified as Veterans. The small red dot denotes 'Royalist', for those of Parliament the dot will be orange. I think they look nice and neat. Also in response to a comment made on TMP I decided to add a touch of drybrush over the brown stonework to tone it down just slightly, I'm so pleased with the result I may even do this to the Napoleonics.

The other units painted so far will be given labels too. Next unit will be another base of horse, 18 figures which I will use for a step by step painting guide as requested. While I'm working on that I also want to post up a draft of 'Foy's 'C&C/ECW' adaptions which I have been contributing a few ideas and suggestions to. They are coming together a treat now and Foy has also created a wonderful set of period specific command cards. best of all I think, he has developed a number of what started out as 'chance' cards to add a touch of spice and uncertainty to the game. They have evolved into a brilliant set of cards called 'Hazzard a Chaunce' which contains such things as unexpected powder explosions ' The Devils Match' sudden downpour damping the powder 'All Hail St.Swithuns' superstitious sign causing desertion 'Grim reaper' and many more including my favourite ' The Coronels Trubble Again' where sudden re occurring illness leaves a unit requiring a leader stand to attach and to give orders. Very inventive stuff I hope you will agree, and should add a nice element of fun into our games. I'm putting together a post to include all of the rules so far.

So back to Rawdons. The Sealed Knot link and some photos.


  1. These look awesome Lee, it's inspired me to put in a big order for 6mm ECW!

    1. Thanks Tim. They are lovely little figures to paint.